Community Meeting December 2019

Jorn Theunissen

On December the 18th we held a community meeting in the Discord. Its main goal was to talk about the logo, roadmap and ongoing work on Stride.

  • Final Stride logo deadline: 22 december 2019
  • With the current amount of developers and resources, larger features like features are simply not possible. Features like cross-platform support, Visual studio Code, rebuilding the editor for Linux, Terrain and vegetation.
    • If you have any programming skills and want to help out, have a look at the issues on github.
  • Roadmap 3.2 - Estimated by end of January 2020
  • Roadmap 4.0
    • This version will cover the rename of Xenko to Stride.
    • Activating the first social media accounts.
    • Joining the .NET foundation to become an NPO.
    • Git/Patreon donations will have to be evaluated depending on NPO requirements.
    • Contacting Microsoft/Partners for support/sponsorship.


Any comments? You can start 🗨 at GitHub Discussions or Discord.

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