Stride Game Engine

Stride is a free and open-source
cross-platform C# game engine.

It is fit for both 2D and 3D games, as well as any other interactive content
running on desktop, mobile and VR.


Bet on the future

  • Next-gen graphics API support
  • Photorealistic rendering & VR ready
  • Multi-threaded
  • Fully customizable to your needs
Stride Editor Screenshot

Accelerated development

  • C# 12 scripting with .NET 8
  • Built-in game templates
  • Full asset creation toolchain
  • Flexible and customizable rendering pipeline

Develop once, deploy

  • Windows Desktop
  • Windows Universal
  • iOS and Android
  • Linux
Stride Editor Screenshot

Write your scripts in C# 12

  • IntelliSense and code navigation for C#
  • Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code or Rider
  • Game Development in .NET 8
  • Long-term code maintainability
Platforms Image

Documentation that sings

  • Manual in English and Japanese
  • Beginner friendly introduction videos
  • Intermediate scripting tutorials on YouTube
  • Get help on our Discord channel
Game Image

Collaborate with us

  • Editor and runtime fully open source
  • Dive into our source code (MIT) on GitHub
  • Connect with Stride game engine community
  • Propose changes to the engine, website and documentation

Recent blog posts

Announcing Stride 4.2

Stride contributors are thrilled to announce the release of Stride 4.2, now fully compatible with .NET 8 and leveraging the latest enhancements in C# 12. This release brings significant improvements in performance, stability, and developer experience.

Investigating SPIR-V for the shader system - Part 1

In this first part of a new series of blog posts, we will learn more about Stride's shader system, its limitations and how to make it better thanks to a very useful shader language called SPIR-V. This will be the first step in implementing a new and better shader system.

A closer look: Diagnostic Analyzers with Roslyn

Let's take a closer look at the DiagnosticAnalyzer feature added in Stride.Core.CompilerServices. This feature offers real-time code analysis in your IDE, enhancing your workflow.

Featured Sponsors

Thanks to our featured sponsors for supporting Stride and empowering creators with the resources they need to bring their visions to life.

A visual live-programming environment that takes you from rapid prototyping to final production.

An indie game studio with a primary focus on virtual reality (VR) experiences.