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Announcing Stride 4.2

authorVaclav Elias

Stride contributors are thrilled to announce the release of Stride 4.2, now fully compatible with .NET 8 and leveraging the latest enhancements in C# 12. This release brings significant improvements in performance, stability, and developer experience.


Investigating SPIR-V for the shader system - Part 1

authorYouness KAFIA

In this first part of a new series of blog posts, we will learn more about Stride's shader system, its limitations and how to make it better thanks to a very useful shader language called SPIR-V. This will be the first step in implementing a new and better shader system.


A closer look: Diagnostic Analyzers with Roslyn


Let's take a closer look at the DiagnosticAnalyzer feature added in Stride.Core.CompilerServices. This feature offers real-time code analysis in your IDE, enhancing your workflow.


Community Meeting October 2023

authorAggror Jorn

On October 7th, a community meeting was held addressing new user influx, planning the release of Stride 4.2, contingent on the .NET 8 launch.


A closer look: Setting private members in the editor

authorMarian Dziubiak

Let's take a closer look at why currently you can't set private members of scripts and components in the Stride Editor and explore the options to change that in the future.


Taking .NET Game Development in Stride

authorYouness KAFIA

Just a little reminder that Stride has been presented in a .NET Live! 🎥🎥🎥

Vaclav, Tebjan and I participated in a .NET live session to showcase the Stride engine, as well as some work done by users. Many questions were asked, and Manio answered many of them in the chat.


Announcing Refreshed Stride Website

authorVaclav Elias

The Stride team is happy 🙌 to announce the release of our refreshed Stride website. We have been working on this for a while, and we are excited to share these updates with you and hope you enjoy the enhanced browsing experience.


Stride 4.1 is Now Live

authorAggror Jorn

Stride contributors are proud to announce a new release now running on .NET 6 supporting the latest C# 10. That means you can now head to the download page and start developing your games using the latest .NET technologies.


Community Meeting February 2022

authorAggror Jorn

The Striders discussed allocating their $4,220.48 USD budget for bug bounties and new features. Funding proposals include fullscreen Vulkan support, UI slowness bug research, Linux runtime support, decal support, morphing target animation support, and embedding Stride into UI frameworks. Release 4.1 is in progress, and an Epic grant proposal is being prepared.