Recap January 2020

Jorn Theunissen

Stride is changing its logo due to similarity concerns with substance/adobe's logo. The community is invited to submit new designs for the Stride logo. Meanwhile, the 3.2 release is approaching, and the engine's rename to Stride will follow. Check out the community projects BanditRevolver and AggrorJorn for inspiration.

A New Logo for Stride πŸ”—

We decided to contact substance/adobe at the start of January after seeing that many people felt that the most voted community logo for Stride was too close to theirs. We received a reply from their legal team which, of course, told us that we would need to change it. It's the legal team, playing it safe is part of their job. They also told us that we could get in touch with their design team, we took that opportunity and sent multiple emails but they never got back to us.

Proposals are open again so if you think you have a logo that would fit with our new name (Stride), please fill in the picture attached below with your design. There’s also the Figma project 6 if you would rather work on that. For more information see the forum post.

3.2 Release πŸ”—

We are getting close to the 3.2 release. We hope to share some info on that soon. In the mean time we are also getting ready for the rename to Stride. This will happen after the 3.2 release.

Community Picks πŸ”—

Check out these community projects that people are working on: BanditRevolver and AggrorJorn.

Project Draco from BanditRevolver πŸ”—

Project draco

Rollerghoaster from AggrorJorn πŸ”—


Any comments? You can start πŸ—¨ at GitHub Discussions or Discord.

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