Xenko meets vvvv

Virgile Bello

Explore the integration of Xenko and vvvv, a powerful combination that unlocks new possibilities for creating visually stunning and interactive 3D experiences in real-time.

Xenko and vvvv 🔗

When Xenko went fully open-source in 2018, one of my intent was to be able to engage directly with some of Xenko's most enthusiast customers and power users. vvvv is definitely a perfect example.

vvvv is a hybrid visual/textual live-programming environment for easy prototyping and development.

vvvv has been using Xenko under the hood for a while, e.g. for the Ocean of Air project.

Ocean of Air

They also have various plans to leverage Xenko even further in the future gamma version.

That's what led me to establish closer contact with them. One things led to another, and in May 2019 I jumped in with both feets and moved to Berlin. They've been graciously sponsoring Xenko and allowed me to use their office since then.

My sincere thanks to them for supporting both Xenko and me!

Please find vvvv announcement at https://vvvv.org/blog/vvvv-meets-xenko

Code signing certificates 🔗

A few days ago, Xenko code signing certificate expired, leaving the project in a tough situation, where smooth releases were not possible anymore.

vvvv graciously offered me to temporarily sign Xenko official releases with their own codesign certificate. So don't be surprised to see their name popping up next time you upgrade Xenko!

This is only temporary and we are working to get our own code signing certificate as soon as possible. More to come soon on that front!


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