Opensourcing Done! What's Next?

Virgile Bello

Explore the future of Stride 3D game engine after going open source. Understand the roadmap, exciting developments, and how the community plays a crucial role in shaping its growth. Read our in-depth blog post to learn more!

Now that Xenko is opensource under the MIT license and the dust settled a little bit (took a few weeks of vacations after the opensource release crunch), it's time to take a step back, think about what's next, and start building it together!

We need help! 🔗

First of all, the main objective will be to grow our developer and user community. Xenko has no chance to succeed if we don't have enough people contributing on and using it.

Thanks to its still small but dedicated community of early adopters, within a few weeks, Xenko already had a bunch of pull requests accepted and issues opened during those few days. This has led to new releases including some of the new fixes and features.

Thanks everybody, your help is very much appreciated! Please keep up the great work!

Of course, Xenko can't compete yet against more famous alternatives in terms of features, but I think Xenko is already an attractive choice for several populations, such as:

  • people wanting to develop and/or experiment on a game engine
  • companies wanting to invest in open technologies, and build freely on top of it
  • indie developers
  • non-game projects

We will need your help to find those people: please spread the word! Feel free to contact us if you have any idea (company interested in Xenko, marketing opportunities, etc...).

Roadmap 🔗

I have started to organize the list of Epic features into a roadmap draft on GitHub. It's still an early work in progress so please check regularly. We will also be using ZenHub to organize issues and epics.

Feel free to add your own ideas!

However, I want to stress an important point: this just acts as a wishlist and it should only be taken as a recommendation of what need some work.

Being an opensource project, I can't and don't want to enforce a strict roadmap. People work out of motivation driven by their own interests or needs for their own projects. This is incompatible with enforcing a roadmap and strict deadline. This might change later if we get enough funding to hire full-time people.

Still, if you are not sure what to help with, starting with the issues is probably a good starting point (I will mark some of them with the good first issue label). Feel free to stop by gitter to discuss with the developers.

Please state your intention to work on something on GitHub issues, and confirm how to do it with other collaborators to make sure it doesn't conflict and will be accepted smoothly.

Expect some tweets and blogs posts about what's being worked on in the coming weeks.

Donations 🔗

OUTDATED: Use Open Collective instead.
If you want to help Xenko, or if Xenko is helping you or your company, please consider donating on Patreon.

This will help me not having to focus on side projects to secure money, and bring me peace of mind to focus solely on Xenko. Since my plan is to work full-time on it, this will be my main source of income for now.

I extend my thanks to early donors for supporting the project in its infancy! Your help means a lot.

And thanks again everybody for your support and time so far, and let's hope for a bright future for Xenko!


Any comments? You can start 🗨 at GitHub Discussions or Discord.

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