Xenko and 3dRudder

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Discover 3dRudder's integration with the Stride 3D game engine in our concise blog post. Learn about this unique foot-powered controller and its impact on game development.

The 3dRudder is an interesting piece of hardware that lets you use your feet to control game movement. It's one of a number of devices out there exploring different ways to interact with VR.


A while ago, the team at 3dRudder got in touch to show us a prototype they built in Xenko using the Virtual reality template project. This lets you move around the scene by tilting and rotating the 3dRudder.

The team has made their Xenko project available on GitHub for everyone to try out. You'll need a 3dRunner device with firmware version or later to work with the project.

The 3dRudder team also took the time to report a bug that force-enabled the Ignore camera rotation VR option when using OpenVR as the API. The option means players can only change the view position by moving the VR device, and not external controllers, like mice, gamepads, or the 3dRudder. Whoops. That was fixed in a recent release.

It's great to see developers out there experimenting with Xenko and their creations. If you're cooking something up that should be on this blog, we'd love to hear about it.

For more information about the 3dRudder, see the 3dRudder site. For details about setting up VR in Xenko, check out the VR documentation.

Any comments? You can start 🗨 at GitHub Discussions or Discord.

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